Still Alive and Kicking… PLUS: Three inspiring videos for Self Healing!

The Academy standing behind this blogging project is still alive however the last year has been rather unproductive due to personal reasons of the responsible publisher.

The perspectives for 2019 are very positive. More time for publishing and cultural activities than ever. The Stegrsbach Academy, seated in the Southern Burgenland, a hilly region in the southeast of Austria, Europe, will be very busy and productive again.

However, regional meetings had less and less visitors and we think it would be in vain to look for all sorts of reasons why events were not so welcome as we might have expected.

Instead, we will expand our online services by writing articles and forwarding alls dorts of information that might contribute to more creativity and cooperation.

May our great optimism be followed by great deeds and adequate recognition.

Here and for now, we ow our readers some useful input instead of boring you with more reflections.

As health is one of our main themes and the beginning of a year is always time for good new intentions, we recommend you the following three inspiring YouTube-Videos:

Breathe to Heal:


Getting the Healing Process Started:


Healing Song of Master Sha:

By the way…

A Happy New Year 2019!


SYM-SIM 2017 – International Symposium in Southern Burgenland, Austria

SYM-SIM 2017 – International Symposium & Workshops 17 – 20 August 2017, at Neusiedl bei Guessing – Southern Burgenland, Austria

A little symposium with workshops and art exhibitions and culture evenings will be held in eastern Austria for the first time. It is polwered by our network partner Stegersbacher Nachhaltigkeitsakademie



Participitation at Gabi’s and József’s workshops is possible (at extremely moderate fees/ self costs), please call 0664 5671784 (Gia)!!!

We are pleased to meet you, pleae call in advance.

Gabi, József, Miklós, Helga, Günther, Gia (Lygia) und host Peter Simetzberger sen.

Screenshot 2017-07-28 09.42.49

Screenshot 2017-07-28 09.43.17.png


Powered by:

Stegersbacher Nachhaltigkeitsakademie Kristallquelle


Nagual Uchu’s first visit to Austria

We are glad to announce that urban shaman Nagual Uchu will come to Austria in April.

His workshop on the “Art of Conscious Dreaming” will be held bilingual English/German in a rural mansion in the Southern Burgenland.

More about…


Award for the Sustainability Academy “Kristallquelle”

The Austrian Sustainibility Academy “Kristallquelle” (meaning: crystal source) was appointed a “Place of Respect 2016”. This award was given to diverse Austrian projects and initiatives in a competition for special engagement for society.  Of course, such a nomination is very encouraging to go ahead… The Academy, working on a voluntary base with principles such as cooperation, permaculture, open source, and sustainibility, started to edit am open source “Sustainibility Catalogue” in summer. A second edition is growing and will be published in a few weeks. Homepage:


This nomination was given by the Austrian independent initiative “Respekt.NET”

The “Nachhaltigkeitsakademie Kristallquelle” is one of the projects which together created the “T.O.C. Tribe Of Creators” lately: That means: projects we present to the English speaking on these pages…


The Spirit of Ozora

On one of our other websites, part of the project “Tribe of Creators”, the new blog “Clarissa Smiles”, we just published a short report on the Ozora Festival 2016:

The insights we won there will be integrated into our engagement like many other travel experiences here and then). New trends will have an influence, web tipps and other recommendations will be shared, cultural impulses will inspire us and have an impact on our activities.

Our first impulse after this international gathering, by the way,  led to the creation of  this websites and “Clarissa Smiles” because of our lacking contact to the English speaking world. Up to now, we were too much focussed on communicating with the German speaking people around. We just weren’t aware that we didn’t offer information to similar initiatives who might get connected with us…

Part I of our Ozora 2016 report is published – Part II will follow as soon as possible. After a longer summer pause many works want to be done. We do our best. 🙂